The most striking feature of the compound is a completely private salt-water lagoon with two beaches.


When we say "private", we mean it. The compound security wall continues across the lagoon inlet and outlet, so that neither boats nor swimmers from outside may enter. Connection to the sea is by a number of underwater pipes. These are numerous and large enough to allow a very healthy exchange of water and fish, but not wide enough to permit people or larger marine creatures such as sharks or rays to enter.


The lagoon is extremely healthy with a range of typical wildlife for an inshore lagoon of this type. As well as lobsters, crabs and the usual lagoon fish, a variety of pelagic fish pass through the lagoon on a daily basis, entering through one sea outlet and leaving through the other. Rod and line fishing is permitted, although we encourage catch-and-release.

A variety of migratory and local sea-birds can also be seen in the lagoon. We have even had flamingos and the occasional sea eagle diving for fish, although you will not see that every day.

An ecologist checks the lagoon water periodically and so far we have always had outstanding reports.


The lagoon is suitable for all kinds of swimming and non-motorized water sports. The only real restriction we have is that motorized craft are not permitted. This is mainly because of the noise. Sailing, canoeing, windsurfing, paddle-boarding and so forth are all permitted. 

The beaches are provided with shades, picnic tables and sun-loungers. They are ideal for sports and for evening barbecues.