Life in Yanbu

Yanbu Al-Sinaiyah is far from being the biggest town in Saudi Arabia, but many of the expatriates who live here prefer it over the urban bustle of Jeddah or Riyadh.

The town itself is very clean and tidy compared to other areas. The roads are well-maintained, often with neat landscaping. As a new town designed from scratch, the roads are straight and have a logical layout. Traffic is comparatively light at most times, so you will very rarely get stuck in a jam.

The town is cleverly-divided up into residential and industrial areas. To the North are the residential areas where you will find The Cove, the Moevenpick Hotel, Yanbu International School, hospitals, restaurants and shopping malls. To the South are the refineries and down-stream industries where almost all residents work. This layout takes advantage of the prevailing winds which are form the North. The Cove housing compound has the additional advantage of being almost surrounded by the sea, so gentle sea breezes are the norm. Even when there are dust storms in the area, The Cove is usually clear.

Yanbu Al-Bahr, the original old town 15 km to the North, was historically a fishing village. There is still a very active fishing industry and a visit to the fish market is worthwhile. If you prefer getting a bit closer to the fish, then scuba-diving and angling are also popular. This is one of the outstanding areas in the world for scuba-diving, although a boat trip is required to the best areas. The housing compound can help to arrange boat trips for diving or fishing if you wish, and there are several scuba schools in the area.

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